Cut the Crap On BIM

20 Apr

Getting Real.

Nice.  I want to hear all about it.

Can you really summarize BIM with 5 bullet points to focus on… or 7 bullets not to focus on?  Not really, but blog posts are not novels and there were a couple of points I really liked.

Focus on desired outcomes.

I sat in a start up team meeting for a 9 digit dollar value project.  Almost the first words out of the Principal in Charge was “This project will be successful”. WOW!  That got my attention, so I looked up from my doodling and listened a little more attentively.  A smirk slowly started to form.  For the next few minutes there was no mention of any quantitative goals.  This was a chest bumping, morale boosting exercise – back to my doodling I went.

The few BIM start up meetings I’ve sat in, usually involve “these are the BIM uses we are going to do”.  Really?  Did you ask the project what it wants.  There is a reason why you sit down and figure out what are the goals of the project BEFORE selecting the BIM uses.  More specifically what are the quantitative goals for the project.  Reduced RFI’s is a nice goal but it’s very ambiguous.  Reduce the number of RFI’s by 10%… now we’re getting somewhere.  Determining quantitative goals also means you know what your baseline is.

Focus on process and protocols you have in place.

I nearly fell off my couch when I read this.  “Create a BIM execution plan and embed it within your wider PEP or Design Management plan.”  Did the author just crawl into my mind?  I’m sure I’m not the only who has thought of this but Project Management and BIM Management are… you ready for this… the same thing.  The BIM side is just a little more “techie”, but it shouldn’t be separate from Project Management.  The day when project management and BIM management merge, you will stop saying this is how we do BIM on our projects, to this is how we do our projects.

Skin those knees.

“Don’t worry about: making mistakes… otherwise you’ll never make anything.”  I love this.  This doesn’t mean go all out without a plan.  That’s just being stupid.  For me it means taking calculated risks and pushing the envelope further than you’ve ever done before.  Just don’t do things recklessly.

In case you want to read the rest, here is the link to the full blog post.


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