Solibri Introduces Solibri Model Checker

20 Apr

Emphasizing the Effectiveness and Ease of BIM QA/QC by Introducing the BIM Quality Wizard

Widespread adoption of BIM is targeting better buildings, more economic design solutions, more effective construction and sustainable development. These targets require meeting the requirements and needs of different stakeholders, and being able to verify the right quality in design and construction. The key for meeting the ever increasing requirements is the ability to perform Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC).

The key challenge has been that implementing practical and repeatable BIM QA/QC is difficult and requires expertise and experience. By introducing Solibri Model Checker v8 Solibri solves the challenge by introducing step-by-step QA/QC process support. It enables the AEC community, for the first time, to perform repeatable QA/QC and BIM analysis tasks with unsurpassed ease, and to implement a BIM Quality Assurance process, guided by clear and concise instructions.

Read more… Solibri Introduces Solibri Model Checker v8 – Solibri.


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