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Transparent Images in Revit

14 Nov

Deleting the “background” so it is empty (checkerboard), then saving as a PNG.  But  – make sure you tick 32-bit, because it seems the only option that respect transparecy in Revit

What Revit Wants.


Create/Duplicate Multiple Views in one shot

12 Nov

The answer is the use of dependant views.

When you have a set of part plans created and you need them duplicated for other purpose (FP, Piping, Duct Work) you select in the Project Browser the parent view, right click, then Apply Dependant views, select in the Project Browser your Main view (FP, Piping, Duct work) and all dependant views are created.

Make sure that when scope boxes are in use, it works, it crops them correctly but there are no ties between views and scope boxes.

Renaming views is the final step, use the view schedule..!


“Template” pre-loaded with worksets

6 Nov

Revit Templateer: “Template” pre-loaded with worksets.

our template isn’t a real template; it’s a workshared project with worksets.
Note that every link has a dedicated workset. This allows us to be selective about which links we want to load when we first open up our active project.
Some of the benefits are:
    multiple people can work on the template, at the same time
    workset naming standards is established, everybody is familiar with these
    shorter initial set up time
but more importantly:
    view templates can be set to include what worksets should be visible or hidden. In my opinion, this one is huge; it’s otherwise impossible to complete the setup of your views & view templates prior to starting the project.
Be cautious though, if somebody starts a new project without detaching their copy, they could do a lot of damage. This is why our template files are located on a drive that just a few people have writing permission to. When we start a new project, there are two different approaches: open a detached copy of the template model, or opening the template model and doing a Save As with the ‘Make this a Central Model after Save’ option checked. The starting view has a reminder for the person setting up the project.