“Template” pre-loaded with worksets

6 Nov

Revit Templateer: “Template” pre-loaded with worksets.

our template isn’t a real template; it’s a workshared project with worksets.
Note that every link has a dedicated workset. This allows us to be selective about which links we want to load when we first open up our active project.
Some of the benefits are:
    multiple people can work on the template, at the same time
    workset naming standards is established, everybody is familiar with these
    shorter initial set up time
but more importantly:
    view templates can be set to include what worksets should be visible or hidden. In my opinion, this one is huge; it’s otherwise impossible to complete the setup of your views & view templates prior to starting the project.
Be cautious though, if somebody starts a new project without detaching their copy, they could do a lot of damage. This is why our template files are located on a drive that just a few people have writing permission to. When we start a new project, there are two different approaches: open a detached copy of the template model, or opening the template model and doing a Save As with the ‘Make this a Central Model after Save’ option checked. The starting view has a reminder for the person setting up the project.

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