Color control for imported SketchUp files to Revit

28 Feb

Tips to control the colors on imported SketchUp objects. Please see attached Revit rendering.

The columns in back row are all have no surface paint, in the front row the one on the right with paint color was shown gray. The green table top and the part of those two front legs whit yellow color have no surface paint.

Here is how to set the color for imported SketchUp objects.

1. In SketchUp: NEVER USE PAINT BUCKET! In order to create a complicated object, we have to use lots of components. If any surface in any component has surface “paint”, it would be very time consuming to undo it.

a. Create layers as needed, the table has “Top” and “Wood” layers.

b. Assign color to each layer.

c. Open “Layer Manager”, at top right, click that arrow, select “Color by layer”.

d. If any surface already received paint, do the followings:

– open the “Entity Info” window, select that surface.

– two rectangular boxes will be shown on the left.

– change both to “Default”.

– go back to do the step as in 1.c. above.

2. In Revit 2013: Insert that object into the Revit file, under “Import CAD”, change “Files of type” to “SketchUp Files”.

After the file imported, do followings:

a. Go to “View”, click “Visibility/Graphics”, on the very top, click “Imported Categories”.

b. On the bottom left click “Object Styles”.

c. Find the layer, for example “table”, “Top”, in my case.

d. Click the “Top”, then in “Material” column click the box on the right, the “Material Brower” will be shown.

e. Move the cursor to there, on the right in “Category” column, open “Material Editor”, pick “Appearance Properties”, change the color as you like.


If the imported object is a simple one, like a wooden chair, even you applied paint bucket to it. You can go through the steps in #2, after step “e”, select “Default” in that object layers, change the color to brown, then you can get the color you want.

You can play with all other “Appearance Properties”, such as “Transparency” as well.

That’s it. Enjoy!

via | Color control for imported SketchUp files.


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