There’s not an Automated way to do it, but yes, you can.

The key is to add a parameter to your note block object. I usually call this parameter Sheet Number. When you first drop this note block in the view you will need to go into the properties and type the sheet number where the Sheet Number parameter is inside the Note Block. Then just use that same note block and copy it all over. It will retain the sheet number parameter and you won’t have to retype it. Then filter in (in the schedule) just those blocks that match the parameter that you added (in this case, the sheet number). Also, if you need to move this view to a different sheet, all you need to do is select one of the note blocks, right click, the Select Similar in View. It will grab all of them and you type in the new sheet number, changing it universally in the view.

Oh, one more thing, make this an Instance parameter or else it will populate with information project wide which you don’t want.

So, this is a bit of a manual process, but so is filling in the information in the Note Block object, so it’s not a big deal and just a few more seconds of work.