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Single material rendering

20 Nov

An interesting workflow to make your Revit model render in a single material.

The rendering look like a hand made model fashioned out of wood.

In Revit is not possible, mainly because you can’t override materials with View Filters.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it with a workaround in a way that probably won’t hurt anything.

While View Filters don’t allow for material overrides, Phase Filters do.

Taking a look at Phases dialog box for the default Revit template, there is no default Phase Filter that has the New phase state set to overridden; and that makes sense because when do you want to override thew new work? You just want it to look like it normally does.

Create a new Phase Filter called Single Material and set the New phase state to “Overridden”.

Then for quick access, I went to the Graphic Overrides tab and opened the “Phase – New” material.

In the asset browser got me an appropriate material from the Autodesk material library.

Create a new material, replace the asset for the “Phase – New” material. Tweak the bump map, dialing the scale up if needed since If you wanted it to look like it shrunk.

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