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Factory reset Ademco Vista 20p

28 Jan

Factory reset Ademco Vista 20p | LiveWatch Security®.

(1)Power the system down by disconnecting battery and pulling out the power transformer.

(2)Plug the transformer back in and immediately press * and # simultaneously. Hold them until you see a “20” displayed.

(3) enter #20 and the display will read out your existing installer code, scrolling it out in two-digit numbers: For example, if the code is 1-2-3-4, it will scroll 01-02-03-04. That gives you the code to get into programming again without having to power down and back up.

(4) To change the installer code, press * and the 4-digit code you want (Ex. 1-2-3-4), and * again.

(4) Return the programming to factory defaults by entering *97

(5)Leave programming by entering *99

WARNING: If you leave programming by entering *98, you cannot get back into programming with the Installer Code.  Use only *99 to exit programming.

(6) Read the Installation Manual thoroughly.