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Revit Visibility Hierarchy – The Revit Clinic

29 Apr

Source: Revit Visibility Hierarchy – The Revit Clinic

Revit gives the user a number of ways to override the display of an element.  It may not always be clear which method “wins” over another method, but there is a visibility hierarchy.  This list may not cover every possible scenario but does include common overrides.

10 being the lowest and 1 being the highest using walls as an example:

1. Line Work Tool
2. Override Graphics in View > By Element > Halftone
3. Graphic Display Options – Silhouette Edges
4. Override Graphics in View > By Element
5. View Filters
6. View Depth – “Beyond” Line Style
7. Phasing Graphic Overrides
8. Visibility / Graphic Overrides > Override Host Layers > Cut Line Styles
9. Visibility / Graphic Overrides > Projection \ Cut Lines
10. Project Object Styles

Here is a graphical example using walls:



Another example to this:

  • There is a Visibility/Graphic Override for the wall category in the view
  • The wall has an override by element
  • The view uses a phase graphic override
  • There is a view filter applied overriding the graphics of walls over a specific thickness

When all 4 of these overrides are in place, by default the Override Graphics in View > By Element is visible since it is highest up the chain at #4:


Remove that override and I now see my view filter:


Remove the view filter and I see the phasing graphic override:


And lastly, change the phase filter of the view and I will see my Visibility/Graphic Override:



What Revit Wants: Big News: Case Apps release code as open source on github!

28 Apr

Source: What Revit Wants: Big News: Case Apps release code as open source on github!

How to auto load LISP files in Autocad?

8 Apr

Add them to the startup suite.

Type APPLOAD  and drag&drop them into the startup suite…


There is a default Trusted path location that should be known to avoid this message.


IF LOAD is not pressed in two or three seconds after autocad is lauched, Autocad does not continue and I need to close the program with Ctrl+Alt+Del.

So better use the Path below for your startup suite contents


Autocad restore classic Menu – No Ribbon

17 Jul


-TOOLBAR >TYPE standard

right click in the top and select the other toolbars needed, Layer Properties etc…


To restore The Ribbon

Type CUI,

select the Architecture Workspace that contains the ribbon menus.