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Fittings Do Not Look Right

12 Apr

Revit OpEd: Fittings Do Not Look Right.

When you use the Underlay setting in Revit MEP you run the risk of altering the way your pipe fittings (duct fittings too in views using Detail Level: Coarse) scale and/or look. Here’s a good and bad side by side

The pipes on the left are good but those in the view on the right are smaller and halftone, as a result of using the Underlay setting.

Set to None the fittings look correct, but using the same level the fittings are associated with as the underlay equals sadness. It doesn’t seem to mind if you use other levels as the underlay though. Careful with your underlay!


Revit MEP : Why don’t both ducts appear in plan view? – The Revit Clinic

1 Mar

In summary, if you encounter a Revit MEP model where ducts are clearly shown in 3D or section, but do not appear in plan, before you go through all of the visibility graphics settings, view range settings, and overrides, you may want to verify that the ducts are not connected to an Other Air system.

via Revit MEP Pop Quiz – Part 2: Why don’t both ducts appear in plan view? – The Revit Clinic.