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Single material rendering

20 Nov

An interesting workflow to make your Revit model render in a single material.

The rendering look like a hand made model fashioned out of wood.

In Revit is not possible, mainly because you can’t override materials with View Filters.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it with a workaround in a way that probably won’t hurt anything.

While View Filters don’t allow for material overrides, Phase Filters do.

Taking a look at Phases dialog box for the default Revit template, there is no default Phase Filter that has the New phase state set to overridden; and that makes sense because when do you want to override thew new work? You just want it to look like it normally does.

Create a new Phase Filter called Single Material and set the New phase state to “Overridden”.

Then for quick access, I went to the Graphic Overrides tab and opened the “Phase – New” material.

In the asset browser got me an appropriate material from the Autodesk material library.

Create a new material, replace the asset for the “Phase – New” material. Tweak the bump map, dialing the scale up if needed since If you wanted it to look like it shrunk.

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Shaft Openings in Existing Conditions Phase

25 Mar

When a Shaft opening is used in the New Construction phase, It is still creating the opening in the existing conditions phase, even when the opening cut properties are set to be in the New construction phase. Does not sound right to me.

This procedure is to follow instead of Shaft opening tool is not used.

When there is a slab that needs to be opened (demolished) to locate a shaft in New construction, follow this steps:

  1. Model the perimeter of the opening in Existing Conditions. (this is the area to be “cut”)
  2. Fill the opening with the same Floor Type as the existing (the portion of existing slab to be demolished)
  3. Select the filled floor area and demolish it in the new construction phase.
  4. To avoid the display of the perimeter in Existing Conditions, Join geometry could be used but this creates a visibilty issue in the Demo Plans because the dasshed openeing is not displayed. To solve that I am using the “Linework” tool to change the edges to invisible in the existing conditions view.
  5. If all is done properly the result is a portion of the slab displayed dashed in the demo plan, no indication in existing plan and an opening in New construction views.

2015-03-25_Floor Opening In Phases

If your presentation Sheets are not going to include a Existing Conditions the view plan Is setup could be set to Show all (New construction, existing and Demo) overriding the edge with LW tool is not needed.