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Exporting Google Earth Models Using GLIntercept |

21 Nov

While using GLIntercept to capture 3D models is an interesting exercise, I have since moved on to using 3D Ripper DX to accomplish the same thing.

Source: Exporting Google Earth Models Using GLIntercept |


Learning BIM earlier

4 Nov

(Extract from Colleen Creighton Blog)

There is a new generation of students entering our education system. Unfortunately it isn’t ready for their digital literacy.

By the end of college, most architectural graduates leave with only a cursory understanding of design technology. Faculties have been grappling with how best to teach concepts like BIM, particularly when there are so many other aspects of architecture that also need to be taught. For most colleges, students are taught about technology for conceptual design, but the technology of production is left to be learned somewhere in practice.

There are a few school districts that incorporates the courses such as Computer Manufacturing, as well as Civil Engineering and Architecture offered to build upon the middle school curriculum.

At these technology education experience the goal was in the implementation and process of the designed and built environment. Teachers taught how products and buildings worked, how to understand client’s needs, how to work in a team setting, and how to manage multiple parts of a project using software such as Autodesk Inventor and Revit.

architecture is not just the conceptual design of buildings, it is also about the design of processes and workflows in which buildings are leased, designed, built, and occupied.

Every day I work with architects, designers, engineers, owners, and developers in a joint venture to improve the way that the built environment is created. I am able to do this partly because of my education in architecture, but I would say it is largely related to my exposure to technology early on.