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30 Apr

Learn 76 crucial tips and shortcuts for Autodesk Revit that will make your job easier. Revit is a great Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool for those in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).



Revit Visibility Hierarchy – The Revit Clinic

29 Apr

Source: Revit Visibility Hierarchy – The Revit Clinic

Revit gives the user a number of ways to override the display of an element.  It may not always be clear which method “wins” over another method, but there is a visibility hierarchy.  This list may not cover every possible scenario but does include common overrides.

10 being the lowest and 1 being the highest using walls as an example:

1. Line Work Tool
2. Override Graphics in View > By Element > Halftone
3. Graphic Display Options – Silhouette Edges
4. Override Graphics in View > By Element
5. View Filters
6. View Depth – “Beyond” Line Style
7. Phasing Graphic Overrides
8. Visibility / Graphic Overrides > Override Host Layers > Cut Line Styles
9. Visibility / Graphic Overrides > Projection \ Cut Lines
10. Project Object Styles

Here is a graphical example using walls:



Another example to this:

  • There is a Visibility/Graphic Override for the wall category in the view
  • The wall has an override by element
  • The view uses a phase graphic override
  • There is a view filter applied overriding the graphics of walls over a specific thickness

When all 4 of these overrides are in place, by default the Override Graphics in View > By Element is visible since it is highest up the chain at #4:


Remove that override and I now see my view filter:


Remove the view filter and I see the phasing graphic override:


And lastly, change the phase filter of the view and I will see my Visibility/Graphic Override:


Revit Server / Home use

29 Apr

Source: My $300 “Revit Server” |! – Tutorials, Tips, Products, and Information on all things Revit / BIM

Step 1:  Plugin and setup your new VPN capable router.  This is pretty simple.  Just follow the instructions that come with your router and make sure you can connect to it and the internet with your computer.
Step 2:  Plugin and Setup your NAS hard drive. Again, this will be very straight forward.  Most NAS hard drives have an Ethernet port you can plug right into your new router.  Follow the manufacturers instructions and this process will take a few minutes.
Step 3: Map your new NAS hard drive to your computer(s).  Revit requires a mapped network drive to properly use workshared files.  I won’t get into how to map a network drive… Here is a simple how-to…  Depending on the NAS drive you purchase there may be different ways to find the drive.  With the WD MyCloud (above) I had to use the IP address of the drive and map to that.
Step 4: Setup your VPN network.  If you purchased the router shown above this process is fairly straight forward. The user interface of this particular router is impressive and simple.  Follow the instructions within the ASUS dashboard or check out this video for help:
The one thing this video is missing is the fact that you may have to set your ISP’s modem to “Bridge”.  The process to do this will be different depending on your ISP or Modem so do some research.  For me, I had to connect my computer to the modem (not the router) and login to the modem’s dashboard.  There, I was able to set it to “Bridge”.

Step 5:  Finally, you can install the VPN client (if you’d like) and config file created from your ASUS dashboard.  I used the “OpenVPN” client.  The ASUS dashboard can also automatically create a config file for you that you can place on any computer you want to connect with.

Step 6: Run the client, connect to the VPN, and start using your companies workshared Revit files from remote locations.

Some limitations of this setup:  ASUS VPN client only allows a set number of users (10).  You are relying on the speed of your local internet when synchronizing with central so it will take longer when you are using VPN (patience is the solution here).  Some residential ISP’s don’t allow VPN usage… So definitely check!

What Revit Wants: Big News: Case Apps release code as open source on github!

28 Apr

Source: What Revit Wants: Big News: Case Apps release code as open source on github!

Architectural Plan illustration

26 Apr​

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A narrated take on Architectural Plan illustration for beginners. Nothing too outrageously crazy but a lot of fun and hopefully it helps out.
This time it’s been slowed down for all to understand and see

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